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The Quality Policy of MBC is to provide the highest quality products that meet or exceed the standards required by our customers and/or Regulatory Standards. MBC focuses on customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and attention to detail. All employees are committed to continually improving the quality management system at a momentum that enables effective results and keeps MBC as an industry leader in broach tool manufacturers.


CMM Inspection Equipment

Milwaukee Broach Company has always been committed to ascertaining and implementing the best available grinding equipment, techniques, and inspection methods to produce the highest quality broach tooling available. Over our tenured history we have tailored our facilities to fit the niche market of broach grinding and quality control.
With that we have now added CMM capability to our quality control lab. This is an effort to better define the accuracy of our measurements and also to support the throughput of our products.

Macsa Laser

The Macsa F Series Pulsed laser allows for precise and permanent etching. The power can be adjusted from a light mark to deep engraving. Our Fiber Laser marking systems are powerful and versatile pieces of equipment that allow us to mark or engrave your tools in virtually any manner you choose. They are fully integrated with our in-house business software, providing a high level of accuracy, and minimizing operator input.

Coupon Cutting Machine

Our coupon cutting machine allows us to see what you see, our tools in action! We use a precision graphite blank for the highest level of accuracy, and zero wear on your tool. The cut coupon will then be inspected and kept on file as per our standards, or sent to you at your request.

StarLite Inspection System

Our multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine is highly accurate for checking coupons, hooks, and radiuses.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified

To ensure our customers receive a high standard of quality in every broach we make, Milwaukee Broach Company is ISO 9001-2015 certified.